WOPM – program

Here the program of the 7th WOPM:

Wednesday, August 14thThursday, August 15thFriday, August 16th
Grand opening
09:00Welcome to WOPM 2019!
09:30Coffee reception
Session 1Session 5
10:00Mike Romalis09:00Georg Bison
10:30Hong Guo09:30Igor Savukov
10:50Martin Rosner9:50Victor Lebedev
11:10Coffee break10:10Coffee break
MAMI- and lab tour
Session 2Session 6
11:40Thomas Kornack11:00Gwenael Le Gal
12:00Andreas Pollinger11:20Cai Bo
12:20Carolyn O Dwyer11:40Yongqi Shi
12:40Lunch break12:00Lunch break
Session 3Session 7
14:00Departure from Bad Honnef14:15Kasper Jensen13:40Stuart Ingleby
14:35Rasmus Zetter14:00Jiangfeng Du
14:55Qiang Lin14:20Witold Chalupczak
15:15Geoffrey Iwata14:40Nathasha Sachdeva
15:35Coffee break & Conference Photo15:00Coffee break
Mainz ArrivalSession 4Session 8
16:30Arrival in Mainz16:10Kaleb Campbell15:30Chris Perella
17:00Registration & welcome reception16:30Anatoly Pazgalev15:50Sven Bodenstedt
18:30Warm up talk16:50Daniel Thrasher16:10Luca Marmugi
17:10Roy Shaham16:30Tetsuo Kobayahsi
17:00Poster Prize & Closing Remarks
19:00Dinner at Baron17:30Postersession & BBQ