WOPM – posters

Postersession: Thursday, August 15th, in the foyer of the HIM.

NumberFirstnameLastnamePoster title
1ChristophAmtmannMagnetic angular dependence of the laser frequency stabilization as a function of neon buffer gas pressure within 87Rb
2GuzhiBaoReducing excess quantum noise in atomic magnetometer
3MarkBasonMagnetic imaging arrays using quantum and classical sensors
4PatrickBevingtonObject surveillance with radio-frequency atomic magnetometers
5JohnBlanchardZero-and ultralow field magnetic resonance
6AndreasBlugOptically pumped magnetometers for material research applications
7PeterBlümlerNuclear Hyper-polarization of 3He in Magnetized Plasma for High-Field Magnetometry
8AmirBornaNon-Invasive Functional-Brain-Imaging with an OPM-based Magnetoencephalography System
9ElenaBotoWearable neuroimaging: combining and contrasting magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography
10VenkataChirumamillaCortical excitability dynamics during fear processing
11YudongDingInfluence of magnetic-field inhomogeneity on scalar potassium magnetometer
12MichaelaEllmeierPerformance of the Coupled Dark State Magnetometer for the Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer
13AnneFabricantBiomagnetism in Venus flytrap plants
14TinoFrembergAn optically pumped magnetometer for counting magneto-tactic bacteria
15RafalGartmanTomographic imaging of the magnetically permeable samples with radio-frequency atomic magnetometers
16AndreyGoncharovHigh-quality electromagnetically-induced-absorption resonances in a buffer-gas-filled cesium vapor cell
17KaiyanHeA high-performance compact magnetic shield for optically pumped magnetometer-based MEG
18JanineHilderSeparated entangled ions for sub-picotesla magnetometry
19RyanHillA new tool for functional brain imaging with lifetime compliance
20NiallHolmesInvestigating the interactions of active magnetic shielding systems with high-permeability materials
21YinanHuBattery Diagnostics with Sensitive Magnetometry
22DominicHunterWaveform Reconstruction with a Cs Based Free-Induction-Decay Magnetometer
23JoonasIivanainenMEG and EEG sensing revisited: From fields to samples
24YosukeItoMagnetoencephalograms with a multi-channel OPM using a K-Rb hybrid cell
25AaronJaufenthalerPulsed OPM in Magnetorelaxometry of Magnetic Nanoparticles: Analyzing OPM’s Free Precession Signals
26MinJiangAtomic magnetometer improves "magnetic resonance without magnet"
27KaiJinA Miniature Frequency Meter for Atomic Magnetometer Based on Precise Time Measurement
28DimitraKantaEvidence for degenerate mirrorless lasing in alkali metal vapor: forward beam magneto-optical experiment
29NorihisaKatoDevelopment of a compact OPM module with one-beam optical gradiometer configuration for magnetic noise
30KiwoongKimIn-situ Overhauser-enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance using an atomic magnetometer
31DerekKimballUltrasensitive Ferromagnetic Needle Gyroscope for Tests of Fundamental
32EmmanuelKlingerProof of the feasibility of a wide-range optical vapor magnetometer based on nanocells
33DanyueMaRelaxation time optimization of nuclear magnetic resonance magnetometer based on Taguchi method
34UrbanMarhlUsing OPM magnetometers for source localization in magnetoencephalography
35ThomasMiddelmannOPM-based ultra-low field NMR relaxometry
36ArtursMozersLevel-mixing magnetometry in rubidium vapour at room temperature
37MuthuramanMuthuramanEffective deep brain stimulation co-modulate cross-frequency coupling at gamma frequencies
38MikhailPadniukThe self-compensating magnetometer for GNOME
39AgustinPalacios-LaloyHelium-4 optically pumped magnetometers for medical imaging
40FelipePederos BustosOptical magnetometry with mesospheric sodium atoms
41XinhuaPengPrecision magnetic measurement in spin-exchange optically pumping rubidium-129Xe system
42TadasPyragiusA Voigt effect based 3D vector magnetometer
43TilmannSander-ThömmesShielded rooms for OPM based MEG and MCG
44Christian B.SchmidtTowards a magnetic-field camera for biological applications
45TheoScholtesStudy of pump-probe schemes for optically pumped magnetometers using an automated setup
46VolkmarSchultzeMeasurements of biomagnetic fields with optically pumped magnetometers in weakly shielded environments
47PerrinSegura (Claire)Spin-Exchange Relaxation Free Magnetometer using Hybrid Pumping for GNOME
48KirillSheberstovPhoto-chemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization detected by zero and ultra-low field NMR
49IbrahimSulaiTowards the development of a dual species atomic magnetic gradiometer for exotic physics search
50ZhiyinSunThe theoretical and practical limit of the residual field inside magnetic shielding
51AlexeyTaichenachevGeneralized theory of magneto-optical resonances in a periodically modulated light field
52RezaTavakoli DinaniCurrent Monitoring System based on Cesium Magnetometry
53MichaelTaylerUltralow-field NMR of liquids confined in ferromagnetic and paramagnetic materials
54OlegTretiakA search for light scalar dark matter in the radio-frequency band with atomic spectroscopy
55CharikleiaTroullinouHigh-sensitivity optical magnetometry with squeezed light
56StoyanTsvetkovDark-state resonances observed on the D2 line of potassium
57AntonVershovskiiWeak magnetic field NV diamond sensor
58FanWangSource-localisation of auditory stimulation using wearable OPM MEG
59HeidongWangAn all-optical self-oscillating 4He atomic mangnetometer with liquid-crystal polarization rotation instead of phase-shift circuits
60YanhuaWangOptical Rotation readout Based On Alkali Vapor Cell
61KaiWeiSimultaneous determination of the spin polarizations of noble gas and alkali metal atoms based on the dynamics of the spin ensembles
62FrankWiekhorstComparison of an optical pumped gradiometric system and a multichannel SQUID system for magnetorelaxometry
63FlorianWittkämperChallenges and solutions of fabricating fully integrated alkali vapour cells
64WeiXiaoSERF magnetometer using reflected light for detection
65JunpengZhaoA non-modulated magnetic field compensation method for SERF magnetometer based on zero-field
66TianZhaoPressure broadening and shift of Rb D1 line in the presence of 21Ne